PEI Election 2019

This information is intended to raise the level of discourse and awareness about Early Learning and Child Care in the upcoming provincial general election on Prince Edward Island. This page will be updated regularly with each political party’s commitment to Island children, families, and educators.

This resource is non-partisan and for informational purposes only.


Green Party of PEI

Q&A on Child Care

April 1, 2019

The Green Party of PEI has promised a $3,500,000 investment to “increase wages for Early Childhood Educators (ECE) through increased grants to designated centres, so it will not increase the cost of childcare for Island families.”

Source: Green Party Platform


PEI Progressive Conservative Party

Q&A on Child Care

April 12, 2019

A Dennis King PC government will invest $5,000,000 to:

  • Collaborate with parents, communities, and other stakeholders to initiate a community-based preschool program for all four-year-olds, which would be offered at Early Years Centres

  • Address inadequacies of early childhood education in the Francophone community

Source: PC Party Platform

April 2, 2019

The PEI PC Party proposes the First 1000 Days Initiative.

“The first thousand days of a child’s life can shape their future. The First 1000 Days Initiative will promote action and investment to improve nutritional health, development and well-being of mothers and children. Providing this kind of care - nutritional, mental, social and cognitive development - has a ripple effect on the health and prosperity of our families and our Island communities,” says party leader Dennis King.

Source: News Release

March 29, 2019

The PEI PC Party promises to implement an Island wide community-based preschool program for all four year olds. 

“Having a head start in learning means having a head start in life. Research shows that preschool for four year olds improves a child’s language, thinking and social skills and better prepares them for kindergarten and school,” says party leader Dennis King.

Source: News Release


Liberal Party of PEI

Q&A on Child Care

April 1, 2019

In the next three years, the Liberal Party of PEI has promised a $5,500,000 investment to Early Childhood Education. They proposes to:

  • Fund 300 additional new spaces, including more spaces for the growing need for infant childcare

  • Create new Early Years Centres, and establish more collaboration between private and public centres and local schools, to extend universally available spaces for 3 and 4 year olds

  • Significantly reduce parent fees by 2023, with reductions beginning in 2019

  • Develop new early learning spaces that offer flexible times to support the needs of parents working shifts

  • Provide supports to businesses and organizations that provide on-site childcare and early learning spaces for the children of their employees

  • Continue to invest in training and compensation advancements for our early learning educators in recognition of the critically-important role they play in the development of our children

Source: Liberal Party Platform & News Release


New Democratic Party of PEI

Q&A on Child Care

April 4, 2019

The NDP PEI calls for an immediate pay increase for early childhood educators of $7 per hour.

“These are among the most important people in society — those who engage and help develop our children at the beginning stages. The Province has failed in its commitment to assure them a liveable income consistent with their training and responsibility.”

Source: NDP PEI Platform

January 21, 2019

Joe Byrne’s observation: “You can’t have an essential service built on the backs of poorly paid professionals.  NDP PEI calls for a liveable income for pre-school educators, which means a boost of at least $7 an hour […] what we really need is a province-wide system based on the Quebec model of affordable child care which the New Democratic Party has been advocating for years.”

Source: News Release