Quality Child Care
Quality Child Care
Stand Tall for Those Who Are Small on Prince Edward Island

Highly-skilled educators are the cornerstone of quality care.


Early Childhood Educators are certified professionals who establish the foundation for life-long learning.

They support our youngest Islanders to grow and thrive in the early years – the most rapid period of brain development. However, Prince Edward Island employers cannot recruit nor retain certified staff due to low wages.  

Wage Grid commitment

In 2010, the Government of Prince Edward Island committed to a five-year wage grid. Wages should have increased by 24% over the past eight years. To date, there has been a total of 4% increase. 

Wage comparisons

An Early Childhood Educator with a two-year diploma earns an estimated 61% of what a college educated man earns and 74% of what a college educated woman earns.

Certified Inclusion Support Assistants

Employees who provide inclusion support services to children in need of the most specialized care are considered non-certified on the Wage Grid and earn minimum wage.

Early Childhood Educator vs. Educational Assistant

An Educational Assistant in the public education system with a two-year diploma earns 19.98% more than a Level III Early Childhood Educator with a two-year diploma.



We Propose

  1. That the Government of Prince Edward Island commits to a five-year Early Learning and Child Care Wage Grid with wages in line with PEI Educational Assistants.

  2. That anyone working in an Inclusion Support Assistant role is required to be certified by the PEI certification board.

  3. That certified Inclusion Support Assistants are added to the Early Learning and Child Care Wage Grid equivalent to Level II or Level III Early Childhood Educator, based on educational background.

  4. That the Government of Prince Edward Island makes investments to develop and implement a workforce strategy that will allow the system to support the growing needs of families and the Island economy.

We represent Prince Edward Island’s over 5000 children in licensed Early Learning and Child Care Centres across Prince Edward Island. Let’s work together to create a Quality Child Care System!



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Voice of Island Families

“I am a mother of two girls, aged 22 months and five and a half. I recently went back to school at age 39 to further my education and career.  Having high quality, accessible, dependable child care was essential for me to make this happen and to continue my career on Prince Edward Island. Without this extremely important service, I would not have been successful in pursuing these goals.”

“Being able to have responsible yet stimulating child care for our three-old son has made the move back to PEI so much easier and allows to both keep our full-time professional jobs. We were very lucky to fill a spot that had been vacated, I’m not sure what we would have done otherwise!”

“When considering a move to PEI from another Atlantic province, quality, accessible child care was of the utmost importance. We value the standards of early childhood education provided early learning centres in this province, and access to these services mean that both members of our household can afford to work, allowing us to stay in the province.”